ShortCuts and Coloured Ends

It’s no secret that we love a well designed short haircut – celebrities like Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, Michelle Williams and Agyness Deyn have proven that cropped hair can be sweet, feminine and edgy all at the same time. Right now we’re loving the angular take on cropped hair in Arise Magazine.

(Arise #13, Georgie Badiel, by Sheila Okonkwo)

Also on our radar this month is the influx of style-icons who have taken to dip-dying their hair recently. Right now it’s all about tie-dyed ends and multicolored strands – the look can even be achieved temporarily with clip-in extensions.

Even though we think Lauren Conrad and Taryn Manning’s tie-dye ends are fun and adorable, we’re getting a little bored with this trend now – we’re way more interested in seeing what the next big thing will be. (Plus, now that the Jersey Shore girls have done it… well that’s a good way to know that a trend is over).

(photos from

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