Thylane Blondeau

Meet Thylane Blondeau. The Ivory Coast born model is  the daughter of former soccer player Patrick Blondeau and TV presenter Véronika Loubry. With big blue eyes and long blonde hair, Thylane has been modelling since 2005 when she walked in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s spring show. She’s has been featured in French Vogue, has worked with top fashion photographers like Dani Brubaker… oh, and she’s just 10 years old.



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3 responses to “Thylane Blondeau

  1. Semilia

    unbelievable…how old is she?
    Of course pretty but its a kind oO

  2. Lana

    Simply wrong! I Women should simply STOP buying VOGUE magazine.
    How can parents allow their own children to be used like this, looking like objects for consumption, dressed like mini-adults, posing in such a provocative way and sending insinuating sexual messages?
    I live in Brazil and children sexual stimulation is being promoted like never before. Xuxa, the famous children TV presenter shaped the minds of children for years to behave in a sexy manner. These children are now adults and cannot protect their own children from the media influence. Little girls get hysterical wanting to become a model since Gisele Bundchen became famous. Even her niece is being encouraged to follow the steps of her aunty, to praise her parent’s ego and financial greediness.
    One of her relatives has launched campaigns to stop pedophilia (, but most people simply don’t care, because fame and the money is all what matters!

  3. ShinHigh

    Well i think child modeling is alright and it can trun some people on dont get me wrong i ant one of them but it`s just that laws think it is bad when it is not i can understand if you can see her tits and private parts then that is wrong but showing the body with legs closed and hands over tits its fine dont see nothing wrong with that or a perant in the picture nude take the half nude picture above for a example that is fine in photographing a ten year old dont see much there that way…

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