New hair, don’t care

(Jing Ma by Lincoln Pilcher for Vogue China)

It wouldn’t be a new year without our clients coming in and requesting we make drastic changes to their hair. It’s the classic new year’s resolution; new year, new look. At Yots, we always encourage our clients to take baby steps. Making a radical change should be done in small steps, to avoid tears, tantrums and hair-related breakdowns.

Surprisingly, the biggest request so far this year has been a short fringe. We’re definitely a fan. It’s a small change, but still noticeable and can make all the difference to a basic, well-executed haircut. It’s the easiest way to mix up your look for 2012; perfectly on-trend and easy enough to grow out.

The short fringe does take us back to the 90’s (à la Drew Barrymore). To update the look for 2012, wear it with a sleek bob, or cropped hair, to avoid looking like you’ve stepped into a time machine. To help you out, we’ve put together some inspiration:

(Sarah Stephens by Yossi Michaeli for Glamour Mexico)

Sleek hair is everywhere this season, but a lot of our clients complain that it’s too hard to maintain. Our solution? Redken Smooth Down. These products will leave your hair smooth and shiny, allowing you to stay in control of dry, unruly hair. The Redken formula enriches and tames dry, coarse and unruly hair. These products utilise an Interbond Conditioning System, which delivers a unique Ionic Smoothing Complex of macadamia oil, candelilla wax and cationic refiners to help replenish oils, provide intense smoothing and a long-lasting, humidity-resistant, frizz-free finish. They’re a Yots client favourite!

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