Yots Hair, Adelaide, Christmas Party 2012

This weekend, we celebrated the holiday season with our annual Yots Hair 2012 Christmas Party. Here are some photos from the night…


9656_10151297937543216_2122214516_n 16023_10151297937453216_390930479_n 300033_10151297936633216_985968412_n 305984_10151297936983216_803657028_n 389454_10151297935358216_1706713252_n 389501_10151297935483216_655845608_n 403394_10151297937348216_444633466_n 403538_10151297937003216_407462508_n 432325_10151297935278216_1889036762_n 479970_10151297937663216_1108753236_n 537749_10151297937658216_117359884_n

We’re excited for the upcoming holiday season – for those of you in Adelaide, appointments around the Christmas period are pretty much full. Call us to enquire about free spaces if you want to make a booking.


The Yots Team



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